Kongresshälsning till Azadi Lawan

I helgen har SSU:s systerorganisation Azadi Lawan (PUK:s ungdomsförbund) kongress. Jag har blivit ombedd att skriva en hälsning till dem, så den följer här nedan. Den kommer sedan också att översättas till kurdiska. (Komaley Xwendkarani Kurdistans hemsida är också värt ett besök. De ärPUK:s studentförbund.)

Här är den engelska versionen av kongresshälsningen till Azadi Lawan:

* * *
Dear comrades, dear friends, dear Azadi Lawan,

We would like to send the very best regards to your congress. Unfortunately we are not able to join you during the days of the congress. Nevertheless, we would like to convey the best greetings to you all.

A congress is an important moment of every organisation. Naturally also for us, social democratic youth organisations. It gives us the opportunity to gather ourselves, learn from each others ideas and experiances, and most importaantly: To decide which our next steps must be in order to create a better society and a fairer world.

Therefore, we wish you the best of luck with your third congress.

Because there are so many tasks ahead of us. Plenty of things we need to stand up for.
- The right for every young man and woman to get a qualitative education, and then a good job.
- The equality between all persons no matter of their gender, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, religion, birth place or social background.
- The importance to create peace and prosperity all over the world. For all people.

This we need to fight together for. As youth and as social democrats. In Sweden and Europe, in Kurdistan and Asia. All over the world. Our ideas of equality and freedom know no boardes. Our ideology is based on solidarity and the brother- and sisterhood between all people. As young social democrats we have more in common with each other – no matter where we live – than with the conservatives and capitalists of our own countries.

Your congress is also important for the struggle for Kurdistan. We, young Swedish social democrats, support and join your work for a free and democratic Kurdistan. We believe that you as a Kurdish youth organisation are crucial in the struggle for peace and prosperity in the Kurdish region and for the struggle for the rights of the Kurds. We are happy to have you as our sister organisation. Hopefully you also, just as Komaley Xwendkarani Kurdistan, will become a member organisation of The International Union of Socialist Youth, IUSY. We are looking forward to meet you and to work together.

Comrades, friends, best of luck with your congress and future work. You make a difference. Remember the words of the late Swedish foreign minister Anna Lindh “Resignation is our biggest enemy”. Never forget that together we can change the world.

SSU – The Social Democratic Youth of Sweden

Through Laila Naraghi
Member of the National Board, responsible for International Affairs